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August 31, 2009

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South state motorcycle dealers pay $180,000 in penalties

Illegal sales put public health and safety at risk

SACRAMENTO -- The California Air Resources Board last month fined two San Diego-area motorcycle dealers $180,000 for illegal sales.

In 2006, ARB enforcement officers got an anonymous tip that San Diego-based GP Motorcycles and Moto Forza of Escondido, Calif., were illegally selling Husqvarna off-road motorcycles as on-road models. ARB investigators confirmed the allegations and took action.

"Companies that deliberately flout the law are often assessed higher penalties," said ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols. "Playing by the rules from the start is the most cost-effective, smart business plan any company can follow."

GP Motorcycles and Moto Forza sold several dozen off-road motorcycles to customers who thought they were purchasing on-road models. Many of the bikes were outfitted with so-called "street-legal" kits and licensed for on-road use, both illegal in California.

ARB revoked all the on-road licenses and registrations for the illegal bikes sold by GP Motorcycles and Moto Forza. The motorcycle owners were permitted to return their license plates to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles for the appropriate off-road riding stickers and plates.

Off-highway vehicles do not meet federal motor vehicle safety standards -- or ARB's emission standards -- required of on-road motorcycles. There are no street-legal kits or conversions that make an off-road motorcycle legal for on-road use or registration. A motorcycle is either certified by ARB for on-road use or off-road use.

California's air pollution control efforts include regulating emissions from cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles. Smog can damage lungs, cause coughing and chest tightness, and worsen asthma symptoms while also affecting crop yields.

The Air Resources Board is a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency. ARB's mission is to promote and protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering effects on the economy. The ARB oversees all air pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain health based air quality standards.

The energy challenge facing California is real. Every Californian needs to take immediate action to reduce energy consumption. For a list of simple ways you can reduce demand and cut your energy cost, see our web site at

Update on 01-2009
HONDA Has Updated There Website Check Out The 2010 Models
KAWASAKI Has Updated There Website Check Out The 2010 Models
SUZUKI Has Updated There Website Check Out The 2008 Models
YAMAHA Has Updated There Website Check Out The 2010 Models
BMW Has Updated There Website Check Out The 2009 Models
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Update on 05-2007
It looks like no more making your dirt bike street legal in California ( unless your bike has a on highway emission label ).

4 many many months +   DMV CA have been sending letters of denial to dual reg and plated dirt bike owners telling them no more plates.

On bikes that were plated after the jan 31 2004 deadline

Includes Green and Red Sticker Bikes

See cut and paste link for some info

Also for additional info that might be helpful

Cut and Paste Link

Type into the search field on the upper right side of page "dual registration"

You still have the ability to go out of state and have the bike plated their. Then bring the bike back and ride!!

UPDATED 05-2007
The 2007-2008 BETA 4-stroke Enduro is street legal. Yes, 100% DOT approved for street use in all 50 states.

Beta Motorcycles all use beta engineered chassis with linkage rear suspension and usd forks and are powered by a ktm engine.

That means you can race it on Sunday and ride it to work on Monday.

DOT-Legal RS 450 MSRP $Call-Dealer

DOT-Legal RS 525 MSRP $Call-Dealer

check website below



old Updated on 12-05
UPDATED 05-2007
The 2006-2007 Husqvarna 4-stroke Enduro and Supermoto lineup is going to revolutionize off-road motorcycling.

Every 2006-2007 Husqvarna TE - SMR model is street legal. Yes, 100% DOT approved for street use in all 50 states.

Every 2006-2007 Husqvarna TC 4 Stroke MX model is Green Sticker legal.

That means you can race it on Sunday and ride it to work on Monday.

DOT-Legal TE 250 MSRP $Call-Dealer

DOT-Legal TE 450 MSRP $Call-Dealer

DOT-Legal TE 510 MSRP $Call-Dealer

DOT-Legal SMR 450:MSRP $Call-Dealer

DOT-Legal SMR 510: MSRP $Call-Dealer

check for a dealer near you

go to the dealer locater info on the left

last update on 07-06
UPDATED 05-2007
The 2007 KTM 4-stroke Enduro EXC lineup is going to be dot legal ?

DOT-Legal 400 MSRP $TBA

DOT-Legal 450:MSRP $TBA

DOT-Legal 525: MSRP $TBA

go to the dealer locater info





Updated on 08-06

off-highway motorcycle owners that converted those models to street legal status since february 1, 2004, may lose their license plates.

BAKERSFIELD, CA (August 21, 2006.) The California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently became aware of the fact that some off-highway motorcycles may have

been inappropriately converted to street legal registration by the Department of Motor Vehicles since new policies banning that practice were adopted in 2004.

In mid 2003, new policies were issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles that blocked owner or dealer conversions of

off-highway motorcycles. This was in response to ARB requirements that all street legal motorcycles must be certified by ARB that they meet street legal motorcycle emission standards.

DMV policies had historically allowed conversions after appropriate lighting and safety equipment was installed, but those policies had not been updated to reflect newer

ARB regulations adopted subsequent to the DMV policy development. After

discussions among ORBA, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), DMV and ARB, a delayed implementation of the new policy until

1-31-04 was adopted, allowing owners who had already purchased or ordered

motorcycles in good faith with the intent to utilize the existing DMV policy to complete the conversion to street legal status.

After 1-31-04, no off-highway motorcycles were supposed to be converted and registered by DMV.
Currently, DMV and ARB are auditing DMV records to determine if off-highway motorcycles have been converted to street legal status inappropriately since the 1-31-04 cut-off date.

Preliminary indications are that some motorcycles may have been inappropriately converted, and a more detailed audit is underway to determine if that is the case and if so,

how many of them were done, and to whom they belong. Owners of any off-highway motorcycles that are determined to be inappropriately converted will be contacted by DMV by mail,

informed their street legal license plates are no longer valid, and offered the opportunity to register the bikes as off-highway motorcycles.

The only motorcycles that are allowed to be street registered are models that are certified by ARB as meeting highway emission standards,

those converted previous to the 1-31-04 deadline and motorcycles of model year 1977 and older. Anyone who converted their off-highway motorcycles to street legal

status prior to the 1-31-04 date will not be affected, and their current status will not change.


For those California residents interested in owning a street legal motorcycle that performs well off-road, there are several good options. Until now, there have been  few options for those buyers,

and even those were not as desirable to some buyers as converting a lighter, higher performance off-highway motorcycle. Fortunately, a few manufacturers have responded by producing

dual sport bikes that perform well off-highway and are lighter than traditional dual sport models. It is expected that other companies may follow this trend.

DMV registration procedures pertaining to off-highway motorcycle conversions can be viewed at:

Update on 09-06
The below info my only relate to red sticker bikes (bikes and atvs that have a 3 or a c in the 8TH Digit of the 17 digit US Vin # )

and related vehicles (atvs & muvs and related) that have slipped thru the cracks of the system.

If you have a bike that is a true green sticker bike you might be okay, wink!


Updated 02-2004
Updated on 02-20-04

Updated on 02-20-04

California Related

Bikes that should be legal to dual register

all bikes under 50cc XR CRF 50?


KTM 625 SXC MSRP $5995.99 ++
see your local dealer or web site to locate a dealer

Gas Gas 450 Std Enduro MSRP $7495.00

Gas Gas 450 Std SuperMoto MSRP $7695.00

see your local dealer or web site to locate a dealer go here

ATK is working on getting there 450 LCQ EPA Legal in a few month!!!!

AHM FSO Can help by directing you in the correct direction

if you want to plate your dirt bike.

Register your California dirt bike in a neighboring state is the only alternative at this time.

You will be able to get a plate on these bikes with out spending $500 bucks

Average Price under $250 + Insurance and a one time trip to that state

XR 400 650R WR 250 450, CRF 450R or 250X etc etc plated.

NEWS - 2

Updated 11-2003

ATK 450 Water cooled 4 stroke? Seen on location at the 20th running of the LAB2V Dual Sport Ride Nov 28 2003.
Frank White Owner of ATK was riding the newest bike to the ATK Family.

Looked real nice in person,
colors and graphics

Updated on 09-08-03

Updated on 09-08-03

A Reprieve is here for california and dual sport conversions.

A bulletin is stating the following: Any and all green sticker off road

motorcycles which show a purchase date of January 1, 2004

or earlier can register their off road motorcycles for dual sport use. Paperwork to start the

DS registration process must be started by February 1, 2004.

Detailed information regarding this statement will be available as soon as we know more.

Remember that most green sticker (cali bikes) bikes can become

DS legal for under $200 + registeration fees etc etc

Call for more info 818-765-5616

The Reprieve is untill jan 31 2004
See link for more info click here
See link for more info click here